Hello and welcome to my webpage!  I’m Julie Watson, a PhD in geography with expertise in transboundary water conflict and cooperation.

Research: My goal is to figure out ways we can collaborate more effectively over shared water resources while addressing inequities in access to water for all its uses. I’m especially interested in environmental justice, participatory processes, and the integration of qualitative, hard-to-measure values alongside the quantifiable in more holistic decision-making frameworks.

Practice: I’m certified in mediation and transboundary water conflict transformation. I’ve produced a documentary film and measured its value as a facilitation tool, and I’ve created training modules and conducted workshops to build practitioner capacity for conflict management. My passion is creating a resilient process and facilitating stronger partnerships to catalyze creative, strategic, and resilient policy solutions.

Here, you can find some information about my projects and experience.  If you’d like to learn more, please email me at julie.elkins.watson@gmail.com!