Other Reports, Films, & Projects

Transboundary Water Resources Reports, Films, & Projects

Henkel, M., Schüler, F., Carius, A., & Wolf, A. T. (August 2014). Financial sustainability of international river basin organizations. Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

  • Compiled existing data on international RBO financing from the Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database
  • Assisted with data collection for RBOs in the Aral Sea, Cuvelai, Lake Victoria, Ruvuma, and Elbe basins

Kunjappan, R., Jarvis, T., & Wolf, A. T. (November 2013). Effective negotiation for international transboundary waters: A skills building course for the Mekong River Commission. Mekong River Commission.

  • Designed a fictitious transboundary river basin (the Pandal Basin) and created several linked training and mock negotiation exercises, assembled a set of Mekong-specific case studies to discuss in training exercises
  • Skills-Building Course: “Effective Negotiation for International Transboundary Waters,” Aaron T. Wolf, Rejani Kunjappan, and Todd Jarvis. Sponsored by the Mekong River Commission for members of four MRC countries, Vang Vieng, Lao PDR, 11-13 December 2013.

Wolf, A. T., Petersen-Perlman, J., Watson, J. E., & Vielleux, J. C. (October 2013). The context for cooperation in the Nile River Basin: A brief political economy analysis. Nile Basin Trust Fund.

  • Contributed research and analysis, plus served as editor: responded to multiple rounds of comments, revised to integrate material from multiple authors, and fine-tuned for political sensitivity
  • Commissioned for presentation at the October 2013 Strategic Dialogue between members of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) Technical Advisory Committee and NBI donors; in attendance by the Nile Council of Ministers

Carius, A., Wolf, A. T., Nenz, D., Hensengerth, O., Watson, J. E., Semmling, E., & Uhlmannsiek, J. (September 2013). Training manual: Transboundary cooperation & hydropower development.  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

  • Developed training exercises for a training-of-trainers manual developed to coach international academics and practitioners in transboundary water conflict transformation techniques
  • Compiled, revised, and integrated text from multiple contributors from diverse institutions and nationalities, ensuring the report read as one cohesive document in English
  • Skills-Building Course: “Train the Trainers: Transboundary Hydropower Development in the Mekong Basin,” Aaron T. Wolf & Diana Nenz. Sponsored by GIZ, Bangkok, Thailand, 14-16 October 2013.

Walker, G., Kelly, M. R., & Watson, J. E. (November 2012). The Partnership for Coastal Watersheds: A progress report. The Partnership for Coastal Watersheds.

  • Conducted focus group interviews with Partnership members, analyzed qualitative data using content analysis and the Progress Triangle framework
  • Co-authored a progress report for presentation at a Partnership meeting in November, 2012.

Dumond, H., Ogren, K., Watson, J. E., & Petersen-Perlman, J. (Writers, Directors, & Producers). (2012). Voices of the basin [Motion picture]. (Available online at: https://media.oregonstate.edu/media//1_odh0vk95).

Transboundary Water Data Visualization

Jenny, B., Darbyshire, J. E., Arnold, N. D., Marston, B. E., McGie, D. A., Ogren, K. L., Preppernau, C. A., Schuetz, S. R., Speece, J. R., and Watson, J. E. (2014). E-book atlases for tablet computers: The Atlas of the Columbia River Basin. Journal of Maps (ahead-of-print), 1–10.

  • Developed a spread featuring an interactive map of public lands in the Columbia River Basin as part of an atlas for iBooks
  • Assembled contributions to the atlas, wrote the forward, contributed photography, and created an interactive works cited index

Watson, Julie E. (2011). A dynamic web mapping mash-up of the Columbia River Basin.

  • An experiment in web mapping mash-ups and javascript coding

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